Relish Wraith

I’m getting tired of reality
I know I’m not the only one
But why does it have to be all stuck inside
And feel so empty at the same time.

Can’t scream out the desolation
And feed it with anything either
It’s because it takes all the space inside
Like a gallon of pain inside my heartbeat.

I wish it didn’t have to hurt so much
So I could run away
But the pain keeps my mind focusing
On my obvious basic needs
Talking being the first one.

I’m so cold outside, I’m shivering inside and
All I want is to coil up with someone so deep
And Hearing the mystics of her whole life.

Hiding the character
So I can be ugly when I cry
or too loud when I scream
And I may never feel alone.
I am from the inside world
Where feelings are free
Where lies don’t exist
The inside world
Where I belong.

p.s- Long time no see; WordPress (Hypothetical)




A Pep Talk?

Discreet words confuse
hidden phrases ruse
imprudent trickeries
ridiculous mimicries
idiotic comprehension
obvious ironic intention.

we pretend, to sedate
we grow, to inhale
we realized, it’s too late
to indulge
so let’s begin once again.

sarcasm ain’t no language for all
but damn
we couldn’t survive without, at all.

hesitate to justify
only creations to crucify
we linger with our greed
only one thing to believe
free soul & will.

apart from those
social media posts & tweets
there are some streets
where actual humans exists
come out of the peek
so we may speak.