Bewildered Trooper

Emotions hit me like a ton of waves
Wanting them to go away, never come back again
I guess I’m saving them for a rainy day
I don’t want to revisit the pain
Tears falling, blood stains
Broken hearts and broken plates
Smashed up but it was good the love we made.

Laws of physics states that
all bonds will eventually be broken
Worn down, ripped apart
Converted to something new
But if you’re determined
Maybe you’ll be able to salvage what’s left
You didn’t hold on tight enough
To what was left of us
And yet you’re so surprised
That I, too, faded into the gentle folds
Of your memories

I Don’t Need Your Apathy
If you lost your feelings to the world’s ways
Then surely I don’t look for your sympathy
But there are few who understand
I do look for their empathy
And their kind words of encouragement.

You can be a good person
with a kind heart and still, say no.




geek blog thoughts

When i first thought about blogging, i was like man that sounds so cool. I’ll write up at least 1-2 posts each day. And when i actually started to write, i was out of thoughts. literally. even my best bud Fiction was nowhere to be seen.

Then i eventually ended up making a list of things i would do before i start writing.

I had done an internship in Digital Marketing recently for Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing so essentially i knew most of the things about blogging and websites and during my tenure there i learned quite a few things more. also, some techniques which would very helpful if i wanna do this on a majority basis. anyways, The List!

In my opinion, I’m an enthusiastic person but for most of the things that i do, I end up losing my scrutiny in them quite often. although i would never actually say that I’m tired of something. The first thing that came to my mind when i thought of blogging was my feelings.*yep, right into them feels bro* so i wrote up many things related to my feelings on my little trashy versatile af diary. then moving on and on, i covered up most of the curse emotions, badass sentiments, vague thoughts, and some warmth and tender messages.

the second thing that came to my mind was fiction writing or even an idea of ‘episode like’ chapters of my own creations/fantasies with sketches for everything from a little sidekick character to the battlefields. I really want to do this but the thing is i have got so many ideas and incarnations that i keep adding up into my database and then losing my own track of footprints eventually.

sometimes i don’t know where to start from or sometimes i think about its future consequences because i don’t wanna make it look like shit to others. I know its Fiction, but somewhere or the another it has to make sense for others as well. You don’t wanna make films which others won’t watch, You don’t wanna write books that others won’t read, You never wanna be that person. I don’t wanna be that person. anyways, I’m still figuring out my ideas about it and every day I’m one step closer to actually start writing them.

As a matter of fact, I’m also willing to write about the movies which i love from my bottom of heart *rise of the inner fanboyism* about my beloved video games *some heavy breathing* and also about the tv shows & sitcoms *right into the feels* which i probably used to binge watch for weeks and Comics *call me DC fanboy perhaps* and tons of other exciting things.

Maybe some Posts about my new interests/hobbies.
The more i think about it, the more I get confused with. I like so many things and i try to hang with such different variation of things each day that even i have lost track of.

One thing that I’ll be never short of is curiosity and maybe because I’m receptive af too (my CV says so btw) *pun intended*

If anyone could suggest me something that would be great!

May the FORCE be with me.


– Abhishek