Transcendent Bouquet

Sweet memories of you still reside
when it reflects, I cannot hide
a sense of the vibe; ahead of pride
And a flavor of those nostalgias abide.Of a time in my life, years transferred
Taking a turn of good times retrieved
Relieving gift of memories redeemed
an innocence of worship, blossomed.

Glooming my heart out for your sake
Only if you were real & not a fake
I’d have put everything on stake
For that mere resemblance & intake.

Birds Chirping around the corner
Comes inside my room with a screamer
Nothing did I knew any better
Woke up from my dream wearing your sweater.




Relish Wraith

I’m getting tired of reality
I know I’m not the only one
But why does it have to be all stuck inside
And feel so empty at the same time.

Can’t scream out the desolation
And feed it with anything either
It’s because it takes all the space inside
Like a gallon of pain inside my heartbeat.

I wish it didn’t have to hurt so much
So I could run away
But the pain keeps my mind focusing
On my obvious basic needs
Talking being the first one.

I’m so cold outside, I’m shivering inside and
All I want is to coil up with someone so deep
And Hearing the mystics of her whole life.

Hiding the character
So I can be ugly when I cry
or too loud when I scream
And I may never feel alone.
I am from the inside world
Where feelings are free
Where lies don’t exist
The inside world
Where I belong.

p.s- Long time no see; WordPress (Hypothetical)



Retaliating Fear

I have this fear
This fear of falling

Once I dreamt
Of a bridge with a void
And I had to get across
utterly terrifying

But not as frightening
As falling for you

Fearing my mind
Scared by the sight
All I see is the midst of a fright night.

Darkness is sometimes strange
When the tendrils of its power
Marks your skin.

Adrenaline, Power, Sin.
All comes from within.
The stone cold mind of belief
with nothing to preach.

Fearing my heart
As it draws it’s last breath
Sending me off
Into an eternal sleep.



Fantasy Rendezvous #2

Everything falls into place
We control the outcome here
Any misfortune leaves no trace
New forms of happiness always near
I want this to be life, but in actuality
I’m living in a fantasy

‘Cause this life can get a little mundane
I can’t help but shudder
When I imagine my future
What am I doing with myself?
Am I what people expect of me?

I always feel tired
Yet I seem restful
My problems are propelled
Under a black rug in space
And I feel like I carry guilt
Each and every single day.

It was not sadness
That caused the tears to fall
But the transcendent fear
That belittled the crushing
from the weight of this universe.



Emptiness – a triumph in disguise

Running away from responsibilities
Into the unknown fields
Stepping off from the crimson edge
Into the darkness of the void.

Discovering the bitter truth
hiding all that overwhelming pride
Nothing in this world can match
The shallow emptiness of our souls.

The absolute hour draws near
No way to cancel the forthcoming
Stepping into my grave
Won’t change my obscure mind.

So, wipe away your tears
And reflect in your emptiness
Step over your fears
And embrace the nothingness.

Echoes of silent emptiness
in spaces where I should be.
A million ways to rephrase you
to conjure you
so immaculate and complete.

But I am no Gem
more like a Stone
forgotten dust and old bones
no words have spoken me free.

Endlessly I lend my breath of life
until there is no air left to inhale
No spells nor words shall ever be cast
to invoke the revival of me.



Vigorous Treason

A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
Where do I kick off
The past and the chase
You hunted me down
Like a wolf, a predator
I felt like a deer in love lights.

You loved me and I froze in time
Hungry for that flesh of mine
But I can’t compete with the vixen,
who has brought me to my knees
What do you see in those pale eyes?
‘Cause I’m falling to pieces.

Did it lie in wait
Was I bait to pull you in
The thrill of the kill
You feel is a sin
I lay with the wolves
Alone, it seems,
I thought I was part of you.

Sad gray eyes
a sobbing voice
a fragile heart
and a slumping gaze,
I wish we meet again.



Elevating Dark Glory


I glorify Intellect
indulging it
with mischievous minds
and expensive poetry.
You’re an extravaganza
like a thousand eclipses
falling on my mind
and a million constellations
bursting in my eyes.

You glorify glamour
It’s never two for the show
always one for the splendor.
Drenched in dazzling crystals
they hurt they kill
they sizzle
But you come to me
like roses bloom for ego
and the earth moves for tomorrow.

Let the darkness stay inside
Let it fester and mortify
Grow and swallow whole
Any of the light left in me
But I must stay pale,
For the light must reflect off me
So other people see the light
Not the darkness,
Of which I have become so fond
Keeps me company
during the long nights
Of demons, tears and howls
Pale consumed by darkness
It’s all so fashionable now.