Dawn of Awakening

At the bay of the sea
I saw a Pearl inside the cluster
Free yet so secured

Waving my bare hands
inside the water full of ripples
I was living the moment of
utter quiescence.


I wondered,

It’s been months since I even tried to write up an actual blog about something. Something so vulnerable that is in my mind from quite a time now.
I’ve had some rant left in me about current affairs and stuff that even resembles hope for our future. All that constant constipated stuff that covers up that whole breaking news hour.

Sometimes, I wonder, why they chose us. Us over any other species. A species which is been gifted with such Intellect. A species which can communicate and Understand.
We’re so close to achieving greatness yet so far. We all have big dreams for ourselves. We all, won’t let a single eye bat our own; Our family. Have we finally reached the point where
Only the blood-related is considered as Family. Is there any trace of Humanity left on this Planet.

Sometimes, I wish i could track back our footprints and start from the scratch. But maybe i was too late. Introduced too late, for such delicate situation.
I’m no saint. I’m inseparable. Exposed at times where i don’t need to be. Perhaps the time is what, I don’t have or is it the Patience? Which I never cared to keep.
So what went wrong? It’s been approximately 14 billion years since the Big Bang. Even After accomplishing things and technology that were never predicted, We stand aside from the sole intention we were meant to live for. Is it something that has to do with our insecurities? Is it the influence of the greed to get more; expect more? Are we really doing this?

Sometimes, I get panicked. Not because I’m supposed to be but maybe, i was meant to be. I panic when the situation is out of my bounds. I fear when the wrongdoing has all the
stronghold. I dismay when something happens even when i never intended for it. Similarly, this time, we’re living in, is no illusion of terror, It actually is the apocalypse
which we never hoped to see. And maybe, we’re too late to stop it. Maybe, we’re the only reason it occurred in the first place. Maybe, we were too busy running after the things which can be priced. Concentrated on filling our lust and longing, while our only hope; our only planet, Panicked.

Sometimes, I hope for a change. Not a change that could revolutionalize the world. Not a change that would jeopardize our position either but a change in the thought process. Change in the opinion of every individual on a scale where there is some hope left for Unity. Where we all could deal with our deeds. Kneel down to our Sins. Where at least there’s some pitch left for our future to cope up. Where we could actually build something so concrete that it can be shattered by nothing.

I never asked to be special. I never asked for anything fancy. I never asked for this discreet pain. I never asked for this broken Peace. I never asked for the silent Wars and Politics.
I never asked for a day where i wake up in the morning, and everything is either dead or lost. I never hoped to see that day. And maybe, i shall never be.
The only thing i ever asked for is the Survival of the innocent. Endurance for Humanity.
To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves. – ( By CCC)




Reconciling Tirade 

Your pretentious verbosity
demotes quality
and suppresses clarity

I could keep ignoring the facts
Disregard, every red flag you
drift in front of my face
Only to pretend things are alright
until I go off the edge
But doesn’t that seem obnoxious
So I’d rather keep myself
In solitary with some peace.

Rant and rave
Scream and shout
You don’t know what you’re talking about

Screech and yell
Wail and cry
Their flaws are blind to your eye

These people you worship
are no saints
This obsession you have
makes you the one to blame.

the point is
there is no point
It’s just the riddance
For good
and that’s all
from my side.



annoyance – a gift we never asked for


A human can get annoyed/distract from anything at any certain time. But nothing comes close to other people when it comes to annoyance. well sometimes, yes. But mostly it’s always the freaking h-u-m-a-n-s. (I know I’m over exaggerating but I have really thought this through) I mean like there’s no limit for getting offended these days, innit?

So going ahead I’ve made some pointers which can save you in the times when you’re really pissed at someone damn obnoxious.

Find the source of your annoyance:

Consider whether your offense is reality based or on the gravity of the obnoxious behavior of your own. Often, we experience such things where our perception makes us get annoyed due to our own insecurities.
For example, you become enraged at a classmate who pokes fun at the vacation photo you just posted on your Instagram. The remark was not really that hostile, but it reminds you of your childhood feelings when your brother taunted you.

Ignore unpleasing people:

People are more likely to act in ways that bring them some type of reinforcement. For people who behave in obnoxious ways, that reinforcement may be any form of attention. Is the person just wanting to elicit a reaction from others? Then make a pact with the other people in your group to refrain from laughing or paying any attention to the unwanted comments or actions. Without the desired response, the behavior may diminish on its own.
It’s really easy to get distracted but as quoted in the movie The Godfather : ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’
you just have to always integrate for Peace!

Preserve the individual’s self-esteem:

People are more likely to change their prejudice if they first feel good about themselves. Basically Self-affirming questions of a person who you’re trying to “de-prejudice.”
For example, in the course of the conversation about working women, give the offending individual the opportunity to talk about what he perceives to be his greatest personal accomplishments. Bumping up an “obnoxious” individual’s self-esteem may help him feel less threatened and he may alter his opinion, or at least drop the offending argument, so that everyone can move on eventually.
Always give the person a chance to improvise. If you don’t possibly see any glance of improvement go back to the previous pointer.

Lastly, I would say is start engaging with some sense of sarcasm into everything. Trust me there would be nothing left that could frighten you anymore.

p.s- Little outrage, Fickle advice, Food for thought.


– Abhishek

Influenced – a virtue of ignorance

We all think about our past, don’t we. At least I do. I always have these dreams where I try to undo and redo everything, literally. To be honest,  I’m  not much of a proud person for my past. although doesn’t entirely means that I had a miserable past or anything obnoxious but certainly it was a casual past with lots of ups and downs. I was a bright kid in my high school, with good grades, nice friends, and the Best Parents. But it’s the bad decisions that make me overthink certain things that I probably had been getting over with. (at least now)

There were many occurences when I used to ask  myself, who I really am? Am I being real? Am I still a kid my parents think I am? And more importantly, who do I really want to be?

The truth is, you’re a lot of things to a lot of people – you’re interesting like that. You can be one thing on the web and still be kind of different in reality. You can be someone to look up to, and know what it feels like to get rejected. You can be righteous in your decisions and still slip up and make mistakes more often.

But, with so many versions of yourself, it’s easy to forget the one thing that keeps you real – the undeniable fact that original & genuine first edition of yourself.

The point is when you reach the moment where you have to ask yourself, who am I really? Take a break, & Start again. And always remember, you’re Beyond the Influence.

Only one mantra – Be Real (not as easy as it sounds)

You might have heard this from tons of people for thousands of times, telling you “just be yourself” – but what does that really mean? Knowing who you are and what you believe in is crucial. Recognizing the influences in your life (both good and bad) makes it easier for you to make necessary decisions regarding  who to hang out with and whether or not to try things such as drugs or alcohol.

There is a complicated list of reasons why people try or use drugs. Some people do it to change the way they feel. Sometimes people use drugs to go along with the crowd (getting influenced) or maybe in the fear of not being accepted by others or sometimes to cover up their insecurities. Acknowledge this, former users often say that drugs ended up isolating them from friends and family and made them feel even more alone. Perhaps many even lost whatever they had remaining in their lives. Nobody is actually forced to engage with stuff like this, although condition matters. (like somebody was forced) Being Optimistic here, You can always find a better way to sort things, find a better reason to live. Dedicate your time with the things you’re good at. Believe me, I actually used to think that I’m good for nothing but with time, patience, and persistence you discover more about yourselves.

Instead of going along with what some people are doing, you could spend more of your energy on yourself, your self-belief,  your viewpoints, your principles , and your own way of doing things. You can’t control what another person thinks about you. Isn’t it more worthwhile to work on what you think about yourself, and not try to shape someone else’s impression of you?

Just be yourself and hang with people who encourage you to be who you are, and not who they want you to be.

And don’t be too hard on yourself; you may be your most ruthless critic. Hang out with people who support you and be careful of people who are all about negativity. Never take a route which will only solve your problems temporarily. Be proud of yourself with no regrets. ( No kidding i swear)

May the FORCE be with you.

– Abhishek