Once a fairy poked my little nose
And gave me the sense of adventure

An adventure,
Where I want to see something I’ve never seen before
and indulge into the beauty of the wilderness
I’ll go alone
into the deep snowy mountains
build a little wooden cabin
I’ll sit in my pajamas
near the fireplace & a big bookshelf
holding a warm cup of coffee.

To love the adventurers
Welcoming the misty night
Many curves to explore
Trace the unknown haven
Clues spelled out with soft sighs

Where the Soul’s feel the warmth to the core
With an inseparable grasp
Sending shivers down every nerve
Finally to taste the adventures
Exploiting the alluring terrains

Reach the peak of serenity
Now I lay exhausted
After a satisfying adventure
A Painstaking Task
Drinking the Love
Of poetry’s full Goblet.

Self expression conflicts
With the self-doubt inside
Of all the beings in the world
Singularity resides in my mind

An abundance of thoughts
Whenever shall I begin…




Retaliating Fear

I have this fear
This fear of falling

Once I dreamt
Of a bridge with a void
And I had to get across
utterly terrifying

But not as frightening
As falling for you

Fearing my mind
Scared by the sight
All I see is the midst of a fright night.

Darkness is sometimes strange
When the tendrils of its power
Marks your skin.

Adrenaline, Power, Sin.
All comes from within.
The stone cold mind of belief
with nothing to preach.

Fearing my heart
As it draws it’s last breath
Sending me off
Into an eternal sleep.



Fantasy Rendezvous #3

Dim lights, static rains
Parade of the fallen
Knocking our doorsInto the wilderness
lives the creature
Destined to achieve mortality

Pretending Errands
acting against the absolute
defining inferiority

Desire for the impossible
crave for perfection
resist from the ordinary

Tempting Flames
start with a clean slate
To martyr, the kingdom come.

Mesmerize the banished
tender love all the evil
with the vital force of
the Spirit and Soul.

Even the tiniest crack
light seeps in
creating an atmosphere
full of hope.

turning slowly with a misty gaze
a taste of autumn’s coming glory
gradual distance growing
yet still a sparkle in those eyes.

lapping in the breezes
and in the distant sky
we see, we smell, we taste,
every sense anticipates
as droplets in-formation wait
the rains are coming again.



Fantasy Rendezvous #2

Everything falls into place
We control the outcome here
Any misfortune leaves no trace
New forms of happiness always near
I want this to be life, but in actuality
I’m living in a fantasy

‘Cause this life can get a little mundane
I can’t help but shudder
When I imagine my future
What am I doing with myself?
Am I what people expect of me?

I always feel tired
Yet I seem restful
My problems are propelled
Under a black rug in space
And I feel like I carry guilt
Each and every single day.

It was not sadness
That caused the tears to fall
But the transcendent fear
That belittled the crushing
from the weight of this universe.



Fantasy Rendezvous #1

Silent Leisure
Of peakless noise
Comes the demons
from the past
running down the aisle
mercilessly killing
every soul they encounter.

These flawless fantasies
Fleeing cruel reality
And the bitter taste
Of living.
Where I can fly to
find some Warmth
A Safe Heaven
And welcoming arms.

Away from the terrors
Of unforeseen attacks
These fatal wounds to an
Already breaking heart.

Please, Let me fly
If not to the truth
Then at least to a place
Where I believe
I am loved.