Bewildered Trooper

Emotions hit me like a ton of waves
Wanting them to go away, never come back again
I guess I’m saving them for a rainy day
I don’t want to revisit the pain
Tears falling, blood stains
Broken hearts and broken plates
Smashed up but it was good the love we made.

Laws of physics states that
all bonds will eventually be broken
Worn down, ripped apart
Converted to something new
But if you’re determined
Maybe you’ll be able to salvage what’s left
You didn’t hold on tight enough
To what was left of us
And yet you’re so surprised
That I, too, faded into the gentle folds
Of your memories

I Don’t Need Your Apathy
If you lost your feelings to the world’s ways
Then surely I don’t look for your sympathy
But there are few who understand
I do look for their empathy
And their kind words of encouragement.

You can be a good person
with a kind heart and still, say no.




Relish Wraith

I’m getting tired of reality
I know I’m not the only one
But why does it have to be all stuck inside
And feel so empty at the same time.

Can’t scream out the desolation
And feed it with anything either
It’s because it takes all the space inside
Like a gallon of pain inside my heartbeat.

I wish it didn’t have to hurt so much
So I could run away
But the pain keeps my mind focusing
On my obvious basic needs
Talking being the first one.

I’m so cold outside, I’m shivering inside and
All I want is to coil up with someone so deep
And Hearing the mystics of her whole life.

Hiding the character
So I can be ugly when I cry
or too loud when I scream
And I may never feel alone.
I am from the inside world
Where feelings are free
Where lies don’t exist
The inside world
Where I belong.

p.s- Long time no see; WordPress (Hypothetical)




Once a fairy poked my little nose
And gave me the sense of adventure

An adventure,
Where I want to see something I’ve never seen before
and indulge into the beauty of the wilderness
I’ll go alone
into the deep snowy mountains
build a little wooden cabin
I’ll sit in my pajamas
near the fireplace & a big bookshelf
holding a warm cup of coffee.

To love the adventurers
Welcoming the misty night
Many curves to explore
Trace the unknown haven
Clues spelled out with soft sighs

Where the Soul’s feel the warmth to the core
With an inseparable grasp
Sending shivers down every nerve
Finally to taste the adventures
Exploiting the alluring terrains

Reach the peak of serenity
Now I lay exhausted
After a satisfying adventure
A Painstaking Task
Drinking the Love
Of poetry’s full Goblet.

Self expression conflicts
With the self-doubt inside
Of all the beings in the world
Singularity resides in my mind

An abundance of thoughts
Whenever shall I begin…



Dawn of Awakening

At the bay of the sea
I saw a Pearl inside the cluster
Free yet so secured

Waving my bare hands
inside the water full of ripples
I was living the moment of
utter quiescence.


I wondered,

It’s been months since I even tried to write up an actual blog about something. Something so vulnerable that is in my mind from quite a time now.
I’ve had some rant left in me about current affairs and stuff that even resembles hope for our future. All that constant constipated stuff that covers up that whole breaking news hour.

Sometimes, I wonder, why they chose us. Us over any other species. A species which is been gifted with such Intellect. A species which can communicate and Understand.
We’re so close to achieving greatness yet so far. We all have big dreams for ourselves. We all, won’t let a single eye bat our own; Our family. Have we finally reached the point where
Only the blood-related is considered as Family. Is there any trace of Humanity left on this Planet.

Sometimes, I wish i could track back our footprints and start from the scratch. But maybe i was too late. Introduced too late, for such delicate situation.
I’m no saint. I’m inseparable. Exposed at times where i don’t need to be. Perhaps the time is what, I don’t have or is it the Patience? Which I never cared to keep.
So what went wrong? It’s been approximately 14 billion years since the Big Bang. Even After accomplishing things and technology that were never predicted, We stand aside from the sole intention we were meant to live for. Is it something that has to do with our insecurities? Is it the influence of the greed to get more; expect more? Are we really doing this?

Sometimes, I get panicked. Not because I’m supposed to be but maybe, i was meant to be. I panic when the situation is out of my bounds. I fear when the wrongdoing has all the
stronghold. I dismay when something happens even when i never intended for it. Similarly, this time, we’re living in, is no illusion of terror, It actually is the apocalypse
which we never hoped to see. And maybe, we’re too late to stop it. Maybe, we’re the only reason it occurred in the first place. Maybe, we were too busy running after the things which can be priced. Concentrated on filling our lust and longing, while our only hope; our only planet, Panicked.

Sometimes, I hope for a change. Not a change that could revolutionalize the world. Not a change that would jeopardize our position either but a change in the thought process. Change in the opinion of every individual on a scale where there is some hope left for Unity. Where we all could deal with our deeds. Kneel down to our Sins. Where at least there’s some pitch left for our future to cope up. Where we could actually build something so concrete that it can be shattered by nothing.

I never asked to be special. I never asked for anything fancy. I never asked for this discreet pain. I never asked for this broken Peace. I never asked for the silent Wars and Politics.
I never asked for a day where i wake up in the morning, and everything is either dead or lost. I never hoped to see that day. And maybe, i shall never be.
The only thing i ever asked for is the Survival of the innocent. Endurance for Humanity.
To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves. – ( By CCC)



The Liebster Award

Thank you writeshefali for honouring me with this amazing award. She’s quite a versatile blogger and one must definitely check out her blog. 🙂

Questions for me are:

1) Do you believe in God and rebirth?
God – Not so much. More like No.
Rebirth – Yes. Definitely. Human Soul is absolute and it can never actually die and we just keep Respawning into different bodies of different creatures into different worlds. quite legit. Trust me.

2) If you could define yourself in one word, then what would it be?


3) What was your favorite cartoon character?
This is a toughy! Cause I love Cartoons!
How about Top 3 –
Winnie (Winnie-the-Pooh)
Courage (Courage – the Cowardly Dog)
Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy)


P.S-I’m completely letting go the Anime Universe and Superhero Universe and much more. 😦

4) Which is your dream destination that you want to visit?
Anywhere in the Space. An Interstellar Voyage would be Perfect.
On Earth – Barcelona, Spain & Interlaken, Switzerland

5) What is that one thing that you are sacred of?

giphy (1)

6) What is your favorite song?
Anything from Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

giphy (2).gif

7) What is your favorite moment?
Whenever I’m watching a Christopher Nolan’s movie I’m in an awestruck. perhaps those are my favorite moments.


8) What annoys you the most?
There are like a million things.
But I’d love to live in a place where there are not many people around.
I’m not an Introvert but I literally hate crowded places ever since I’ve grown up.


9) What motivates you to write?
My constant thoughts of writing. 😛

10) As far as traditions are concerned, what tradition do you think should continue for a long time?


11) Given the power to become a country or world leader, what are the first 3 things you would do?
End Terrorism (for real)
Make Gaming a legit & legal Career Option.
No Visas.

Rules :

Nominate up to 11 other bloggers yourself.
Provide those bloggers with 11 questions of your own for them to answer
Don’t forget to put the Liebster Award sticker on your blog!

My Nominations :












Guys, these are my questions for you :

  1. life’s top 3 priorities?
  2. what are your ambitions/goals?
  3. Fiction/Non-Fiction? & Why?
  4. do you consider yourselves as a responsible person?
  5. how often do you procrastinate? (don’t tell me that you don’t :P)
  6. Pasta/Pizza? Why?
  7. Justice League/Avengers?
  8. Who has been your idol for the longest term?
  9. Things that intrigues you the most?
  10. Favorite Social Media Platform? Why?
  11. Where do you see yourselves when you turn 40?

Do let me know if any of the nominations are not interested in taking a part in it. It’s completely fine and I would list up other bloggers.

Thanks For Reading 🙂

P.S- please mind my GIFs *not really* xD



Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you, Marisa, at the girl that dreams awake for nominating me for this wonderful award! So very kind of her to do so! I couldn’t be more honored! Her blog is the really elegant and lovely!

The rules for participating are quite simple.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    Write a post to show your award.
  2. Attach the award to the post. you can either use my featured image on this post or use other you prefer .
  3. Give a brief story on how your blog started.
  4. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Now, I started this blog not long ago. About 5 months ago. my very first post was on the 18th of February. But I barely had any free time for the two months i.e. I started to write again from 18th May. I wish to be a regular Blogger now and I have certainly started prioritizing it.

I always had a knack to write, no matter which stream/category except for Poetry, which I think I’ll probably suck at.
Initially, I started off with the things I’ve experienced in my life so far.
I have also planned to start writing on a new subject and it’s my precious: FICTION/FANTASY genre.

My advice for the new bloggers?
You can do much more out of ordinary every day. If writing doesn’t make you feel lively from the inside than probably it’s never gonna be your thing. Writing by no means is an easy job in the first place to be very honest. Sometimes it literally takes hours to even write a piece of words. I’m not much of an experienced guy myself but I’m better at understanding things quickly. I hope this helps. 🙂

So here are my nominations :
















These amazing bloggers definitely worth a look. 🙂

Thank you again, Marisa, for nominating me. May the Force be with you.



geek blog thoughts

When i first thought about blogging, i was like man that sounds so cool. I’ll write up at least 1-2 posts each day. And when i actually started to write, i was out of thoughts. literally. even my best bud Fiction was nowhere to be seen.

Then i eventually ended up making a list of things i would do before i start writing.

I had done an internship in Digital Marketing recently for Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing so essentially i knew most of the things about blogging and websites and during my tenure there i learned quite a few things more. also, some techniques which would very helpful if i wanna do this on a majority basis. anyways, The List!

In my opinion, I’m an enthusiastic person but for most of the things that i do, I end up losing my scrutiny in them quite often. although i would never actually say that I’m tired of something. The first thing that came to my mind when i thought of blogging was my feelings.*yep, right into them feels bro* so i wrote up many things related to my feelings on my little trashy versatile af diary. then moving on and on, i covered up most of the curse emotions, badass sentiments, vague thoughts, and some warmth and tender messages.

the second thing that came to my mind was fiction writing or even an idea of ‘episode like’ chapters of my own creations/fantasies with sketches for everything from a little sidekick character to the battlefields. I really want to do this but the thing is i have got so many ideas and incarnations that i keep adding up into my database and then losing my own track of footprints eventually.

sometimes i don’t know where to start from or sometimes i think about its future consequences because i don’t wanna make it look like shit to others. I know its Fiction, but somewhere or the another it has to make sense for others as well. You don’t wanna make films which others won’t watch, You don’t wanna write books that others won’t read, You never wanna be that person. I don’t wanna be that person. anyways, I’m still figuring out my ideas about it and every day I’m one step closer to actually start writing them.

As a matter of fact, I’m also willing to write about the movies which i love from my bottom of heart *rise of the inner fanboyism* about my beloved video games *some heavy breathing* and also about the tv shows & sitcoms *right into the feels* which i probably used to binge watch for weeks and Comics *call me DC fanboy perhaps* and tons of other exciting things.

Maybe some Posts about my new interests/hobbies.
The more i think about it, the more I get confused with. I like so many things and i try to hang with such different variation of things each day that even i have lost track of.

One thing that I’ll be never short of is curiosity and maybe because I’m receptive af too (my CV says so btw) *pun intended*

If anyone could suggest me something that would be great!

May the FORCE be with me.


– Abhishek