Dawn of Awakening

At the bay of the sea
I saw a Pearl inside the cluster
Free yet so secured

Waving my bare hands
inside the water full of ripples
I was living the moment of
utter quiescence.


I wondered,

It’s been months since I even tried to write up an actual blog about something. Something so vulnerable that is in my mind from quite a time now.
I’ve had some rant left in me about current affairs and stuff that even resembles hope for our future. All that constant constipated stuff that covers up that whole breaking news hour.

Sometimes, I wonder, why they chose us. Us over any other species. A species which is been gifted with such Intellect. A species which can communicate and Understand.
We’re so close to achieving greatness yet so far. We all have big dreams for ourselves. We all, won’t let a single eye bat our own; Our family. Have we finally reached the point where
Only the blood-related is considered as Family. Is there any trace of Humanity left on this Planet.

Sometimes, I wish i could track back our footprints and start from the scratch. But maybe i was too late. Introduced too late, for such delicate situation.
I’m no saint. I’m inseparable. Exposed at times where i don’t need to be. Perhaps the time is what, I don’t have or is it the Patience? Which I never cared to keep.
So what went wrong? It’s been approximately 14 billion years since the Big Bang. Even After accomplishing things and technology that were never predicted, We stand aside from the sole intention we were meant to live for. Is it something that has to do with our insecurities? Is it the influence of the greed to get more; expect more? Are we really doing this?

Sometimes, I get panicked. Not because I’m supposed to be but maybe, i was meant to be. I panic when the situation is out of my bounds. I fear when the wrongdoing has all the
stronghold. I dismay when something happens even when i never intended for it. Similarly, this time, we’re living in, is no illusion of terror, It actually is the apocalypse
which we never hoped to see. And maybe, we’re too late to stop it. Maybe, we’re the only reason it occurred in the first place. Maybe, we were too busy running after the things which can be priced. Concentrated on filling our lust and longing, while our only hope; our only planet, Panicked.

Sometimes, I hope for a change. Not a change that could revolutionalize the world. Not a change that would jeopardize our position either but a change in the thought process. Change in the opinion of every individual on a scale where there is some hope left for Unity. Where we all could deal with our deeds. Kneel down to our Sins. Where at least there’s some pitch left for our future to cope up. Where we could actually build something so concrete that it can be shattered by nothing.

I never asked to be special. I never asked for anything fancy. I never asked for this discreet pain. I never asked for this broken Peace. I never asked for the silent Wars and Politics.
I never asked for a day where i wake up in the morning, and everything is either dead or lost. I never hoped to see that day. And maybe, i shall never be.
The only thing i ever asked for is the Survival of the innocent. Endurance for Humanity.
To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves. Р( By CCC)




Retaliating Fear

I have this fear
This fear of falling

Once I dreamt
Of a bridge with a void
And I had to get across
utterly terrifying

But not as frightening
As falling for you

Fearing my mind
Scared by the sight
All I see is the midst of a fright night.

Darkness is sometimes strange
When the tendrils of its power
Marks your skin.

Adrenaline, Power, Sin.
All comes from within.
The stone cold mind of belief
with nothing to preach.

Fearing my heart
As it draws it’s last breath
Sending me off
Into an eternal sleep.



Fantasy Rendezvous #3

Dim lights, static rains
Parade of the fallen
Knocking our doorsInto the wilderness
lives the creature
Destined to achieve mortality

Pretending Errands
acting against the absolute
defining inferiority

Desire for the impossible
crave for perfection
resist from the ordinary

Tempting Flames
start with a clean slate
To martyr, the kingdom come.

Mesmerize the banished
tender love all the evil
with the vital force of
the Spirit and Soul.

Even the tiniest crack
light seeps in
creating an atmosphere
full of hope.

turning slowly with a misty gaze
a taste of autumn’s coming glory
gradual distance growing
yet still a sparkle in those eyes.

lapping in the breezes
and in the distant sky
we see, we smell, we taste,
every sense anticipates
as droplets in-formation wait
the rains are coming again.



Fantasy Rendezvous #2

Everything falls into place
We control the outcome here
Any misfortune leaves no trace
New forms of happiness always near
I want this to be life, but in actuality
I’m living in a fantasy

‘Cause this life can get a little mundane
I can’t help but shudder
When I imagine my future
What am I doing with myself?
Am I what people expect of me?

I always feel tired
Yet I seem restful
My problems are propelled
Under a black rug in space
And I feel like I carry guilt
Each and every single day.

It was not sadness
That caused the tears to fall
But the transcendent fear
That belittled the crushing
from the weight of this universe.



Fantasy Rendezvous #1

Silent Leisure
Of peakless noise
Comes the demons
from the past
running down the aisle
mercilessly killing
every soul they encounter.

These flawless fantasies
Fleeing cruel reality
And the bitter taste
Of living.
Where I can fly to
find some Warmth
A Safe Heaven
And welcoming arms.

Away from the terrors
Of unforeseen attacks
These fatal wounds to an
Already breaking heart.

Please, Let me fly
If not to the truth
Then at least to a place
Where I believe
I am loved.



Emptiness – a triumph in disguise

Running away from responsibilities
Into the unknown fields
Stepping off from the crimson edge
Into the darkness of the void.

Discovering the bitter truth
hiding all that overwhelming pride
Nothing in this world can match
The shallow emptiness of our souls.

The absolute hour draws near
No way to cancel the forthcoming
Stepping into my grave
Won’t change my obscure mind.

So, wipe away your tears
And reflect in your emptiness
Step over your fears
And embrace the nothingness.

Echoes of silent emptiness
in spaces where I should be.
A million ways to rephrase you
to conjure you
so immaculate and complete.

But I am no Gem
more like a Stone
forgotten dust and old bones
no words have spoken me free.

Endlessly I lend my breath of life
until there is no air left to inhale
No spells nor words shall ever be cast
to invoke the revival of me.



Vigorous Treason

A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
Where do I kick off
The past and the chase
You hunted me down
Like a wolf, a predator
I felt like a deer in love lights.

You loved me and I froze in time
Hungry for that flesh of mine
But I can’t compete with the vixen,
who has brought me to my knees
What do you see in those pale eyes?
‘Cause I’m falling to pieces.

Did it lie in wait
Was I bait to pull you in
The thrill of the kill
You feel is a sin
I lay with the wolves
Alone, it seems,
I thought I was part of you.

Sad gray eyes
a sobbing voice
a fragile heart
and a slumping gaze,
I wish we meet again.