I’m just a sucker for pain

Pain has an element of blank
It cannot be recollected
It has no future but itself
Its infinite realms contain
It’s past enlightened to perceive
New periods of pain.

Of this pain,

The heavens fall
Alone in the cosmos
Where only darkness crawls

The silence screams
There’s no more afterglow
There are no more dreams

This feeling lingers on
It circles me like a crow
And in one swoop I am gone

I torture you,
Take my hand through the flames
I torture you,
I’m a slave to your games
I’m just a sucker for pain

I wanna chain you up
I wanna tie you down
I’m just a sucker for pain
– Suicide Squad

P.S- Been to the premiere of this amazing & highly entertaining movie and I’d say everyone must hit the theatres to watch it asap.
‘Cause the Bad surely differ from the Evil.




favorite movie description

I’m often asked what’s my favorite movie and most of the times I’m kinda speechless and spirited away in my own world of movies and fantasies. I can’t really discriminate with my beloved movies tbh. I’m not your ordinary movie buff.

So here i present it, my precious –

Back to the Future
In 2001: A Space Odyssey
An American Psycho with a typical American History X
was infiltrated with a bunch of Matrix Agents
One Dark Knight and the other Blade Runner
In Casablanca,
rumors were, ‘Catch me if you Can’
maybe they were from the Fight Club accompanying Forrest Gump

The Godfather and some Goodfellas
with an Inception of Inglorious Bastards,
took an Interstellar voyage to Kill Bill
perhaps a Memento in the Ice Age
But the Pulp Fiction of Reservoir Dogs
Rush-ed them into Saving Private Ryan
Schindlers List had Se7en more names
for the ultimatum of Terminator Salvation
in the last battle of Star Wars
The Fighter and other 300 Spartans Departed
with no doubt of what may occur; The Good The Bad and the ugly

The Lord of the Rings got assassinated
at The Green mile by The Machinist
for the Pursuit of Happiness and lust of Blood Diamond
Capitalizing the Shawshank Redemption
for the Usual Suspects
The Whiplash of the Watchmen’s was simply Incredible
To maintain the Prestige, Django Unchained to be the Man of Steel

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind bloomed
emerging the sixth sense to the body of lies
Eventually in Chinatown, It was concluded,
Gone Girl was V for Vendetta hiding out at the
Grand Budapest Hotel of the Shutter Island
On a mission for Finding Nemo
It was no Toy Story with a Kung Fu Panda but a Truman show
when the Imitation game was begun
Troy Insidiously grabbed the Moneyball Up into the skies
So that The Lion King could arise to be the Dawn of Justice.

p.s- I have still missed out on some movies. 😛
anyways, more than 60 legit movie/franchise hides in there.
If you get them all, I owe you a gift! 🙂