Moment of Bliss

Isn’t it ironic that happiness is
all we ask for?
We spend our lifetime
looking for it.

yet the definition of happiness
remains undisclosed.

I thought I should write a happy poem
Try to route some positivity in my words
Hopefully it gets through my thoughts
& Finally hits my heart.

I got stuck.

When you stop and look around
life seems pretty amazing
Saying yes to Happiness means
cherishing those little moments of joy
saying no the negativity
& people who stress you out.

Maybe I found a cure for the happiness
Then, let’s start from some love
Add wholesome masochism
A few memories
And finally a lot of sincerity.

p.s- I missed this; blogging.




15 thoughts on “Moment of Bliss

  1. Well we cannot run after Happiness. Happiness is an art to be learnt and even practiced just like any other thing in life. We need to train ourselves to, “Look at the Positives and try and give less importance to negatives, at the beginning” 🙂 As its Not possible to completely avoid negative people and situations in life, as they all come as, “Challenges for us to overcome and become stronger to go to the next level” 🙂
    Being Grateful and Thankful for all things and people that we come across is a good way of moving towards Happiness in your life, in my experiences and knowledge. Your thoughts are wonderful. Keep going Best of Luck. Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies 🙂 ❤

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